FAQs by Boat Owners

What is BigBoatCharters.com?

BigBoatCharters.com is a popular name in the business allowing boat owners easy boat renting facilities. BigBoatCharters.com is bringing for boat owners and boat renting facilities an easy solution to rent boats to potential renters. Using our unique concept and platform you can easily advertise about the services and reach out many boating enthusiasts in few simple clicks. BigBoatCharters.com brings for all boat owners and renting facilities user-friendly online tools which makes listing of your boat easy and get viewed by many across different locations. Through our online platform you can easily manage online bookings and reach millions of renters across the globe. As a boat owner or boat renting facility you are in complete control. As per the requirement you can set the availability, booking requirements, price and other details. In short you are the boss of your own boats and get booking orders from different locations using BigBoatCharters.com portal or mobile app.

Are you excited about this new concept? Want to list your boat with us? Visit our BigBoatCharters.com portal or mobile app and try all features. Big Boat Charters is bringing new opportunity for boat owners and boat renting facilities from different locations; make full use of our platform.

What are the advertisement methods?

BigBoatCharters.com brings for boat owners and boat renting facilities different default advertisement methods. Based on your convenience select the best advertisement and start earning money. Here are some of the advertisement methods with Big Boat Charters:

  • Percentage: This is a default mode of payment. Whenever a boating enthusiast requests to book a boat using reservation calendar, a percentage of the listed boat price will be paid. Every boat owner or boat renting facility is asked to deduct a small percentage or free from the listed boat rental price. For instance the amount paid to the boat owner is the boat rental price minus the Big Boat charters online booking fee. Its important to note here that all terms and rates are negotiated based on the case. Based on the case rates are fixed, in most cases Big Boat Charters rate is fixed at 10%. 
  • Pay Per Click: Big Boat Charters is bringing for all boat owners the opportunity to earn based on pay per click. This option gives you the chance to have your own page with all necessary information. In case you have a professional website, our page will help customer directly to your own site or mobile app. With time option you don’t have to use our online reservation facilities. Whenever a boat renter clicks on your profile; automatically they will be redirected to your site.
  • Display Ad: Big Boat Charters is bringing another option of displaying advertisement. This option is to pay monthly advertisement fee and receive a page with all information about boat, contact details and price. Boat renters from different locations will be able to book using your services directly rather using our calendar. For boat owners or renting facilities with website, Big Boat Charters will add your link which will direct all potential renters to your official website. Isn’t it a smart technique? Aren’t you excited about our Display Ad concept? Register with us you get more information about this Display Ad option or seek get in touch with our support team.
  • Per Transaction: Big Boat Charters bring for you another option of online booking fee. Every time boating enthusiasts requests for a boat, Big Boat Charters will charge them on the basis of online booking fee. This booking amount is negotiated between Big Boat Charters and the Boat owner. For instance the price due at the boat rental location boat rental price minus Big Boat Charter fees. Apart from that there may be cases of additional fees or deposits, for more information reach our support team. 

Big Boat Charters negotiate all terms and rates on a case to case basis, for more accurate pricing details and information we urge you to reach our team.

How do I list my boat on Big Boat Charters?

Listing your boat on Big Boat Charters is easy. All you need to do is signup with our portal and enter all necessary details about your boat. Listing boat with Big Boat Charters will help you get attention of renters from different locations. We request you to provide all useful information, details, pictures or videos of your boat; this will help you get more requests on frequent basis. All these information will be added to our site and mobile app; soon you will start getting rent requests.

How does Big Boat Charters earn money?

As its mentioned Big Boat Charters is bringing for boat renting facilities and boat owners different payment methods. Its important to note here that Big Boat Charters default payment option is through percentage advertising. If its not your suitable payment method, browse through our other options. For ay information about the advertisement you can always reach our support team.

Can I list my boat on Big Boat Charters?

Yes, any boat owner or renting facilities can list all types of boats with Big Boat Charters. The purpose of Big Boat Charters online platform and mobile app is to help all boat owners or renting facilities earn some extra income from their boat. Our services are available for different locations; you can easily add your boat irrespective of the location. Big Boat Charters invite yacht carter companies and boat rental firms from all places to sign up. Our platform is available for all location, sign up and add your boats to start earning money. Boat owners or renting companies having sub brokers can also benefit from our platform. Our dashboard gives your brokers access either as Users or Admin, ideal for charter or renting companies having multiple brokers leasing their boats.

Do boat renting facilities or boat owners have to pay any fee?

With Big Boat Charters there is no membership fee. Big Boat Charters is an unique platform where you can list your boats and start renting it, there are no hidden charges or fees whatsoever. Big Boat Charters is not a club hence you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees. Based on your convenience select a suitable payment and get paid from boat renters. Based on your terms boat renters will pay you deposits or fees listed on the page. Isn’t it simple?

Should I use Big Boat Charters reservation Calendar?

It’s not mandatory. Big Boat Charters gives you the option to direct all clients to your official website or mobile app. There is a negotiable fee for the service, feel free to share your requirement.

How safe its to rent my boat using the platform?

Big Boat Charters brings an unique concept of client or customer rating system which allows every boat owner or renting facilities review information or details about the renter before fixing the deal. Before renting your boat you can easily check reviews and ratings of the renter, its completely your right to decide if he or she is worth renting. Big Boat Charters never interfere between boat owners and renters, as a boat owner you have every right to accept or deny any boat renting request. After you rent the boat, Big Boat Charters allow you to rate the renters or customers based on your renting experience. Our online review and rating system is helping boat owners select renters, always take this into count.

Can I be on my boat with renters or customers?

Yes, of course. Being on the boat with renters is solely our decision. Every boat owner has the option to be on their boat as a guide. We suggest you to enter the requirements for renting your boat while listing. Making it clear that you will prefer to be on boat with renters will make the task easier both parties.

Why should I register my boat with Big Boat Charters?

Big Boat Charters is a popular platform bringing together both boat owners and renters from different locations. Registering and listing your boat with Big Boat Charters is completely free. Don’t you want to benefit from a free boat listing site? Big Boat Charters will help you get renters from different locations, in short help your business grow. What’s more you can advertise all types of boats on our portal or mobile app risk free, with no maintenance fees. Using Big Boat Charters platform gives you the chance to expand your services to new customers, its new and one best platform to earn extra money. What are you waiting for?

Can I use Big Boat Charters even if I have registered with another site?

Yes, of course. Big Boat Charters is bothered if you have listed your business with other platforms. We are here to promote your business in different locations. Big Boat Charters brings for you new online tools which helps in printing contracts, boat rental receipts, maintain customer records, rental records, administer different renters and see reservation calendar. Big Boat Charters is here to bring customers to you and help you grow. Signing up with Big Boat Charters is completely free and boat owners have nothing to lose. Don’t you want to give it a try? Register once and try all our new features and services. Big Boat Charters is helping boat owners and renting facilities add official website links which will redirect potential customers to your portal. Signup with Big Boat Charters now and use our unique platform to get more boat rental requests.

Can I talk to customers before renting by boat?

Yes, definitely. Big Boat Charters recommended you to contact renter soon after getting the request. After getting rent request Big Boat Charters send all useful information about renters via text or email. Renters also receive your contact information. We urge both parties to contact each other before fixing the deal; this will help you convey every detail to the renter. Telephonic conversation helps in clarifying all doubts and helps both parties meet the need. As a boat owner you should always keep phone number of renters, in case of emergencies.

What if my boat is not available when renters are willing to reserve?

This should not be a major issue; Big Boat Charters provide hassle-free refund policy. But its always important to remember if you fail to satisfy your customer, they can rate you. Using our platform both renters and owners can review or rate each other, so try not cancel rides once its reserved. It may hurt your reputation and also the rating.

How will I be paid as a boat owner?

There are numerous payment options for boat owners.

  • Boat owners or renting facilities can collect payment directly. In most cases this is our default payment method. As a boat owner you can collect rental amount directly from the renter, all you need to do is contact the renter and collect the amount whichever payment option you prefer. It’s safe and easy way of getting payments.
  • We also have an option where Big Boat Charters collect payment directly. Once your boat is reserved and payment is made, Big Boat Charters will send the balance amount to you through PayPal, wire transfer, check or any other preferred mode of payment.

Based on your convenience, select the mode of payment and start getting paid. For any assistance you can always reach our support team.

Big Boat Charters is always committed to your satisfaction; our team is always available to address all your concerns. Have more questions to ask? Feel free to contact Big Boat Charters!

FAQs by Boat Renters

What’s this concept of Big Boat Charters?

Big Boat Charters is a new concept which allows boat owners to rent all types of boats easily using our platform. Renting boats is made easy through our online platform or mobile app. Boat owners from across the globe are listing boats on our platform, you can find suitable boat on any location easily. Using Big Boat Charters you can search for that perfect boat rental services matching your need and budget in the most popular destinations. Based on your preferred date you can easily book boats of choice through Big Boat Charters. With our platform you can check current photos, real time availability, videos, boat renting rates and many more. Its up to you decide whether you want to guide or captain as all our boat rentals are available as per your convenience.

Who owns these boats are yachts?

Big Boat Charters brings together both private boat owners and boat renting facilities from different locations. Based on your preferred location you can select from several boat owners. With our platform you can check reviews and ratings before making the request.

Do I have to pay Big Boat Charters fees on monthly or yearly basis?

Big Boat Charters is not a boat club. Any boating enthusiasts can use our platform, without paying any amount. Searching or renting boats is made easy by Big Boat Charters; you don’t have to be a member. If you are willing to rent boat we urge you to sign up once to get necessary information emailed to your address. Registering with Big Boat Charters gives you the chance to view all upcoming boat rentals and past trips anytime. Renting boats of choice is made easy through Big Boat Charters, use our services now!

Is it necessary to get in touch with boat owner before riding?

Soon you book a request for boat rental services through Big Boat Charters; boat owner will receive your contact details. We request all our boat owners to contact you soon after receiving the request either via phone or email. Big Boat Charters sent contact information of boat owners to renters also, you can wait till owner contacts or you can also reach them. If there is any communication problem or no response from boat owner, Big Boat Charters staff is available 24/7 to assist you.

What’s the rental fees and how I get to know about it?

Big Boat Charters is an unique and easy online boat rental services. We don’t charge any month or annual fees, our services are free. As a boat renter you can search boat rental pages anytime using our online portal or mobile app. With our Big Boat Charters page you will find all information about boats, availability, phones, videos, rates and reservation details. Rental fees varies from boat owner to owner, its mentioned on every boat rental page. Based on the availability and type of boat prices may vary. Some boat owners or renting facilities may require additional fees and deposits to rent boat. Big Boat Charters request you to read all details carefully before renting the services, for inconvenience you can contact the boat owner or our support staff.

Are these online boat reservation details accurate and correct?

Yes. All information and details provided on boat rental pages are accurate as its entered by boat owners themselves. Big Boat Charters encourages every boat owner to provide all correct and accurate information so that you can rennet services accordingly. Using our platform you can rent boats from the comfort of your home. Boat owners continuously updates their reservation calendar, you can book easily according to your convenience.

Will I get the same boat as its shown on the page?

Big Boat Charters encourages all boat owners and renting facilities to past updated pictures or videos of their boat. You can be assured of getting the same boat as its shown on the page, if its different you can always point it to the boat owners. Big Boat Charters is also available 24x7 to address all your concerns, feel free to share your concerns.

Should I have boating license to rent boats on Big Boat Charters?

Having boating license is an added advantage, some boat owners do ask for license. In many states having boating license is mandatory, you should enquire it with the boat owner before hiring. We request you to follow the boat rental page carefully before hiring. You can also contact boat owner for more clarification.

What is the boat cancellation policy with Big Boat Charters?

All boat cancellation or reschedule policy is in the control of boat owners. Reschedule or cancellation policies are all listed on the boat rental information page, please read these details carefully before booking the rental services. Big Boat Charters have no role to play here as boat owners or boat renting facilities are strictly in control of these policies. Every renter will be held based on the policy listed by the owner, know it carefully before booking.

What is the money refund policy with Big Boat Charters?

Big Boat Charters is very transparent about refund policies. Any boat renter if not 100% satisfied with our boat rental services will get his or her online booking fee refunded completely. In case the boat rented is not available, your complete booking fee will be refunded. For any other issues or concern related to payment you can reach our support team anytime.

Big Boat Charters is committed to your satisfaction; we are striving hard to enhance your boat rental experience. Have more questions or concerns? You can feel free to share your concerns with us through email or phone. Have a safe and unique sailing experience with Big Boat Charters!

Frequently Asked Questions on Boat Rental Insurance

Any Boat Rental Insurance available with Big Boat Charters?

Yes. Big Boat Charters brings for all customers boat rental insurance, you can buy it as per convenience. If you are eager to avail our boat insurance policy email us boat details, model, year of purchase, boat address and other information. For any assistance you can reach our support team for more information.

What are the possible Insurance packages available with Big Boat Charters?

Big Boat Charters understands your need and chance come up with several insurance policies. For best information about boat rental insurance we request you to get in touch with our support team.

I own my Boat insurance; can I use it to rent boats?

Big Boat Charters requests you to contact your boat operator insurance company or broker for more information on this. Its recommended to inform them that you will be renting boats. Insurance companies have different rules, you need to abide by and follow it before renting.

Is it must to have insurance here?

No. As of now no US state laws require any boat owner to carry boat rental insurance. If any change in law we will update this section. For any further information on boat rental insurance in different states you can email us.

How expensive are boat rental insurances?

Boat rental insurances are very reasonably priced. Big Boat Charters can guide you through the process; feel free to get in touch with our team. In most cases boat rental insurance is way less than any private boat insurance.

How easy it is to get boat rental insurance?

Getting boat rental insurance is easy. Many options are coming up in the market off late. With Big Boat Charters you can find suitable solution on boat rental insurance, feel free to seek our help.

Why is Boat rental insurance so reasonably priced?

It’s because of the “Limitation of Liability Act” in the year 1851.

What’s the Liability Act all about?

The Liability Act limits any boat owner’s liability from accidents which leads to persona losses and injuries occurring on navigable waters. Having insurance is important; it will come handy in unforeseen situations. Get in touch with Big Boat Charters team for all solutions related to boat rental insurance.

Will this Liability Act cover all boat owners?

Yes, this Limitation Act covers all boat owners. This law applies to all vessels used in lakes, rivers, seas or inland navigation which includes lighters, barges, canal boats and many more. Vessel denote all kind of boats available in today’s market, recently it has been enlarged by the US Supreme Court. Its been named as pleasure craft, house boats, jet skis and many more. Its not mandatory to have boat rental insurance but having it will safeguard you against unforeseen situations. Big Boat Charters is always there to assist you, feel free to reach our team for suitable rental insurance.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to mail Big Boat Charters anytime!

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