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Big Boat Charters is the best solution to your dream ride.
Listing, finding and renting a boat is now easy through Big Boat Charters.
At Big Boat Charters we believe listing & renting should be easy.


Big Boat Charters brings an easy way for all boat owners to rent their boats. For boat reenters we help to find the best deals in great locations. Using our online services boat owners can now list boats for free and control all rental terms with an easy online management system. Boat renters can search for best deals by location in great locations and book services online in few simple clicks.

Renting a Boat

Start by searching for boa rental in any preferred area through Big Boat Charters. Review boat details, rates, photos, videos, start rating and booking requirements. On finding a perfect matching, request booking your boat and get ready to sail with your loved ones. Enjoy unique boating experience with Big Boat Charters, its easy and safe.

Create Listing

Listing your boat on Big Boat Charters will take a couple of minutes. All you need is fill out a name, provide a mobile number, email, photos and create a password. On pressing save you will be able to edit profile and add other details. In a few seconds, your boat will go live on Big Boat Charters for millions of boating enthusiasts from around the world. Boat renters can easily view your boat listing page, based on service can review boat details, current photos, rates, availability, booking requirements and star ratings. Boating enthusiasts can now easily find us online; Big Boat Charters is one stop solution to rent all types of boat.

Boat owners can pick customers you feel comfortable with through previous rating report. Once you are thoroughly convinced with the customer you can rent the boat. Big Boat Charters never compels any boat owner to rent a boat if they don't feel comfortable with. What's more interesting about Big Boat Charters is that we give a list of captains, select the best one to run your boat. Bookings.

Boat owners or firms will receive booking request, on receiving you need to contact the boat renter to confirm the request. Booking and accepting boat rental service was never so easy, credit goes to Big Boat Charters for coming up with this unique concept. Using this platform, owners get the chance to meet renters. Collecting and depositing money is also made easy for boat rental services. Big Boat Charters believes in transparency, our team helps both parties get the best deals. Owners can collect the amount after depositing Big Boat Charters booking fees as per preferred mode.

Boat owners can meet renters and provide them with a short safety briefing on the boat and how to use it. Handover the keys for a quality sailing experience and get ready for next reservation request. Isn't it an easy and smart way of earning money?

Why select Big Boat Charters?

Big Boat Charters is a popular name in the business, bringing for boat wonders and renters best deal. From the comfort of your home book all types of boat in a matter of second. Big Boat Charters ensure safe and secure sailing experience; there is a whole list of reasons to hire our services.

Safe and easy

Big Boat Charters offer the best options for all boat renters and owners. Using our online portal and mobile platform both renters and owners can rate their experience helping others find the perfect boat. Boat owners, on the other hand, can also find qualified customers. Big Boat Charters strives hard to ensure a safe and secure experience, for any assistance our dedicated team is available to address all concerns.

You're in charge

Boat owners create own listing page and there they can easily select a preferred payment method. As a boat owner, you can set the price, booking requirements, availability and decide who can rent your boat and when. Every boat owner and renting facility is in charge, you can post a demand for additional fees or deposits based on particular services. Every owner has control over boat listing. Whenever you want can login to deactivate, activate or edit your listings with Big Boat Charters for free!

A trusted name in the business

Big Boat Charters is one reputed and trusted name in the business, both boat owners and renters can bank on us. We are relatively new in this business, our constant effort is to help both parties get the best of experience. For all kind of rides and sailing experience, Big Boat Charters have plenty of options available, feel free to reach our team anytime. For all queries related to payment method, contact us freely.

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